World Pool Explained

In partnership with the Hong Kong Jockey Club and totepool, visitors will mainly be betting into a global pool consisting of some 10 countries this week.

26 of our 30 races are expected be part of World Pool in the win market, dependent on the number of runners, so watch for the colour change on the screens.

Bet With Ascot screens will be colour coded to clearly show which markets are in World Pool:
World Pool – Blue
Domestic Pool (UK totepool) - Green
WIN, PLACE & TWO FROM THREE will be the available World Pool bets on course. All other bets are always in UK totepool.
Domestic UK totepool will always operate in races with over 25+ runners and in 16+ runner handicaps.
In races with exactly seven declared runners (regardless of non-runners), the place market will be World Pool and pay three places.

Click here to view World Pool Betting Rules