Windsor Horse Rangers - Urgent Appeal

Windsor Horse Rangers is a charity set up in 1972 based in Fifield, Berkshire to enable local children to learn all aspects of riding, stable management and horse care. Run by volunteers, each weekend up to 180 children between 8-18 yrs take part for 3-8 hours each, including some with special needs. They are open 51 weeks of the year and have over 700 children on their waiting list. 

The children learn how to get the horses ready to ride, how to clean up after them and every aspect of how to look after a horse. In addition to learning about riding and horse care, rangers learn teamwork, leadership, respect for people and animals, self-esteem, responsibility, self-belief and many other important life skills. They spend a lot of time outside doing physical activities such as poo-picking the fields, mucking out stables and cleaning the yard. 

Due to the lack of fundraising activities this past year, their income has drastically reduced and running costs have risen, particularly over the winter months with feed, hay and straw prices increasing 50% year on year. The impact of the closure of the farm to the children and volunteers who carry out the care and maintenance of the horses at weekends and holidays has had the knock-on effect of increased staff costs. 

In order to safeguard the future of their horses they urgently require financial donations to help pay for feed, vet bills and bedding.