Royal Enclosure – Gentlemen

Gentlemen are kindly reminded that it is a requirement to wear either black, grey or navy morning dress which must include:

  • A waistcoat and tie (no cravats or bow ties)
  • A black or grey top hat
  • Black shoes worn with socks
A gentleman may remove his top hat within a restaurant, a Private Box, a private club or a facility’s terrace, balcony or garden. Hats may also be removed within any enclosed external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Gardens.
The customisation of top hats (with, for example, coloured ribbons or bands) is not permitted in the Royal Enclosure.
Novelty waistcoats and ties are not permitted. Discreet patterns and those of a patriotic nature (for example, a national flag) are acceptable.
Top hats by Oliver Brown are available at 75 Lower Sloane Street,

Boys (aged 10-17) should either dress in accordance with the gentlemen's Dress Code; or alternatively may wear a dark-coloured lounge suit with a shirt and tie. 
Overseas Visitors
Overseas visitors are welcome to wear the formal National Dress of their country or Service Dress.
Serving Military Personnel 
Serving military personnel are welcome to wear Service Dress or equivalent.
Please note: In addition to the guidance above, fancy dress, novelty and branded or promotional clothing is not permitted on site.