What Lies Beneath | Claudia de Yong

'Along with every show garden comes many questions, questions about the plants, their Latin names, lots about the process and more than just a few about the construction and with the later in mind we came up with the idea to design our APL garden called ‘What Lies Beneath’. 

Our aim was to create an educational piece of landscaping and we will be welcoming the public to walk through the garden to take a peek through various glass covered, exposed areas each revealing the construction methods. The areas under glass will show how the paving, decking and artificial grass (a very popular choice in gardens these days), has been laid.

The original garden was designed to be much smaller, however, when we were given the opportunity to increase the area we took it and began to adjust our garden accordingly. The increase in size has meant numerous, late changes and lots of begging. Last week I battled my way through the blizzard (saying this, it’s looking almost tropical outside now) to the Garden Press Event in London and caught up with some of the wonderful people who had offered to supply numerous bits and pieces and explained the garden had grown a bit! Luckily everyone is still on board and excited to be at the show.

Although April is an exciting time of year in the garden with cherry and crab apple trees coming into blossom and alpine troughs shimmering with little floral jewels, it is still very early for some of the plants that we would all like to use in our show gardens. I can see a mad dash nearer the time checking to see what is available in the nursery. Fingers crossed there are no April showers!’