The Hidden Heroes

Temporarily redeployed 1711 colleagues Sam Bennett and Ellie Thomas are usually found managing our hospitality and retail food services, but now they are supporting the national fight against Coronavirus at Sodexo Justice-run prison HMP & YOI Bronzefield. 

Sam Bennett, 1711 Fine Dining & Boxes Assistant Manager is helping their HR team track staff absence, conducting welfare checks and helping to organise staff testing. Sam said: “I wanted to help out at a site which was still open, especially if they were experiencing challenges in the current climate. It’s given me the opportunity to do something different, learn some new skills and make a difference in the Coronavirus response.

Ellie Thomas, 1711 Retail Food Operations Manager, is using her retail experience to support the stores/shop teams at the prison performing a variety of tasks including packing resident canteen allocations and counting/controlling stock and PPE throughout the prison. Ellie commented: “It’s rewarding to know I have made a positive difference during this unprecedented time. It has given me a real insight into an alternative segment – something I can take with me throughout my future career with Sodexo.”