Dear Royal Enclosure Member,

Royal Ascot 2021, 12th November

I am writing to update you on our plans for the Royal Enclosure in 2021.

Having closed our flat racing season with QIPCO British Champions Day, we start to focus on our plans for Royal Ascot 2021. We were all disappointed that we were unable to welcome you personally to Royal Ascot 2020. We very much hope you nevertheless enjoyed the broadcast and our Royal Ascot at Home and #StyledWithThanks programmes.

Sadly, we continue to live in a world of great uncertainty in relation to welcoming back racegoers to racecourses. Although we much look forward to welcoming back as many Members to the Royal Enclosure as possible next year, two things though have now become clear. First, it is likely that we will be restricted to a reduced capacity across the racecourse and its enclosures. Secondly, that we are likely to be operating under some form of social distancing regime. It is not yet possible to predict exactly what the position will be in June next year and we doubt there will be much clarity before the end of this year.

Current known unknowns include:

When we will be allowed to welcome back racegoers.
What the overall permitted capacity will be.
What the Royal Enclosure Gardens permitted capacity will be.
What the indoor permitted capacities will be.
What the outdoor and indoor social distancing regimes will be.
The size and scope of temporary facilities we will be permitted or it will be feasible to build.

In these circumstances, I am writing to let you know that Her Majesty’s Representative at Ascot will be writing to you in more detail about Royal Enclosure arrangements for Royal Ascot 2021 slightly later than usual but within the first quarter of next year. In view of the level of uncertainty and the likelihood and scope of possible change in the months leading up to the Royal Meeting, it is likely that the only practicable way of communicating with you will be digitally - both by email and through the Royal Enclosure Members’ page on the website – save of course for the delivery of badges.

For ease of reference, here is a link to the Royal Enclosure page on the website.

In order to assist you with your own planning, we hope the following indication of the principles which will need to be applied are helpful. We will of course honour the bookings of Members who so very kindly rolled over their 2020 booking to 2021. We will also prioritise attendance of Members (and their spouses/partners) over other guests. We will seek to maximise the opportunity for every Member to be able to attend the Royal Enclosure should they wish to do so. This could mean we will need to limit the number of days a Member may attend in person, for which we would need to design a fair allocation system.

We ask for your understanding that Covid-19 will require us all to adapt and that it is not yet possible to be specific on arrangements. It is highly likely that the landscape and process will change in the months and weeks leading up to Royal Ascot. As a venue we need to be nimble and plan the site and its operations to be best able to cope with such uncertainty and change.

In concluding, I wish to reassure Members that we will be doing our utmost within the Covid-19 constraints at the time to provide as many Members as possible, as fairly as possible, with the best possible Royal Meeting we can in 2021. We look forward to welcoming you back.

We will keep you updated on relevant developments.
Yours sincerely,

Guy Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Ascot Racecourse