We are delighted that for the 2019 Flat season onwards we will be publishing sectional timing and tracking data from all races at Ascot in partnership with Longines.

The Longines Timing System in operation at Ascot is one of the most sophisticated tracking systems in the world. It is based on GPS and chip technology with a transmitter located in the saddle cloth of each horse providing instant data on the exact position of horses with accuracy down to five centimetres.

As you will see from the data, the nature of the systems, which are in use across the world, means there will always be a slight difference to the timings provided by the official photo finish times which are based on the nose of the horse rather than the saddle cloth. This difference is normally less than 0.2 seconds.

The data does not therefore replace the photo finish times but it provides an additional tool to understand the performance of each horse and sophisticated analysis of every race. Statistics collected for every horse include:

• Finishing position
• Running order at all points in the race
• Race time
• Distance travelled
• Sectional times for each furlong of the race
• Top speed
• Fastest furlong
• Last three furlongs finishing time

You can find all the timing and tracking data from each raceday available to download. If you have any questions about the information provided or want to find out more about the Longines Timing System, then please contact Jenna Linwood – [email protected] 

Longines Sectional Timing - Royal Ascot Trials Day

Please click on each race to view sectional timing

*Note on sectional timing for 1st May:
During race four (The Commonwealth Cup Trial) the starting pulse mechanism (which delivers the official time for the race and starts the Longines Timing System) failed which meant there was no starting pulse for the system and it had to be manually triggered by our operators. This means the opening furlong time is incorrect by approximately 2.2 seconds and the final finish time provided by the system is incorrect to the same error but the sectional data is correct for the remaining five furlongs.
In race two, there is no data from Quick (9) in the second race as the transponder was damaged as the horse was restless in the stalls before the start.
In race seven, the transponder for Candelisa (12) shows incorrect data through furlongs two and three.