12th June 2017

Royal Ascot — Security Update

Heightened security measures will be in place at Royal Ascot next week.

There will be more extensive dog, bag and physical search procedures for everyone at all the racecourse entrances and you will notice a stronger armed and uniformed police presence throughout the site and the vicinity.

The safety of all racegoers is paramount and racegoers can be assured that the racecourse works extremely closely at all times with the Police, the Security Services and specialist advisers in implementing the appropriate security measures for protection.

It is inevitable that access to the racecourse this year will take longer. Please be prepared for this and allow sufficient time. Please also bear in mind that if you exit at any stage, you will need to pass through security to re-enter.

We ask that you do not bring unnecessary bags or luggage into the racecourse. Luggage storage facilities will be provided outside of the course enclosures.

We ask for your understanding, patience and cooperation with us and that you also inform your guests and party members of this update.

We also ask for your vigilance on matters of security. If you see or hear anything suspicious, please bring it immediately to the attention of the Police or our Stewards. Finally, Ascot Racecourse's website will contain updates on security, visit www.ascot.co.uk.