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Racecards, Runners & Riders

A list of all entered horses is first available online five days before the event.

Final declared runners and riders will appear on the site 48 hours before each raceday in the Flat season and 24 hours before in the Jumps season. Please note that changes can occur on the day of the race (such as non-runners, jockeys), and therefore details of runners and riders should be used as an indication only.

How to Read the “Form” in the Racecard

Download an example of the Form


The owner’s colours, worn by the jockey during the race to distinguish them from the other runners.

Horse and Owner

The name of the horse is listed above the name of the owner.


Weights affect the chances of the horses in the race. 

In conditions races – including weight-for-age races – each horse is allocated a certain weight to carry, depending on factors such as age, sex, and previous races won in certain circumstances.  In handicap contests, the weight for each horse is allocated by the official handicapper, according to past performance. 

Jockey and Trainer

As well as looking for a horse in form, following a successful jockey or stable can be an effective way to begin your search for a winner.

Previous Form

The recent performances for each horse are listed in abbreviated form, for example: [124-PB1]. The number represents where the horse was placed in each race, with the most recent performance on the right.

A Guide to Symbols Used

/ New season
F Fell
- New year
U Unseated rider
B Brought down
P Pulled up
d Disqualified
O Unplaced