Pony Club Events

Ascot Racecourse has played host to The Pony Club Racedays since 2008, held every April and organised via the Lord Leconfield branch of the Club.

These racedays are aimed at encouraging young novice riders onto the track, very often with ponies who have also not raced before. Whilst most children who attend have their own ponies or are members of branches, the Club also includes children who do not own their own ponies and race on the Centre ponies, such as Ebony Horse Club.

Ebony Horse Club

Founded in 1996, Ebony Horse Club is a charity improving the life skills, education and aspirations of children and young people growing up in deprived communities in Brixton, South London, by providing access to horse riding, outdoor activities and mentoring.  The Club welcomes over 150 children a week through its doors.

In 2019, Ascot was delighted to see 12-year-old O’Shane Marsh win on his racecourse debut, and whose goal it is now to pursue his dream of being a jockey and head to the British Racing School when he is old enough.