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We are delighted to hold an ROA Gold Standard Award for racecourses. 

The initiative was established in 2006 to recognise excellence in the owners’ raceday experience, and it has been assisting in driving up standards at racecourses across the country ever since.

For more information please visit http://www.roa.co.uk/en/gold-standard/

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Race Conditions

Royal Ascot

Click here for the 2016 Royal Ascot Owners and Trainers Brochure


Royal Ascot International Races


The Global Sprint Challenge 2017 Prospectus.


The Global Sprint Challenge Website

Preferred Hotels

Racecourse Facilities

Dining & Refreshments

Owners Dining Room 

Situated above the saddling boxes in the Pre-Parade Ring, this venue is reserved exclusively for owners and licensed trainers with a runner on the raceday.

The dining room serves a complimentary buffet lunch, sandwiches and afternoon tea, and tables cannot be reserved.

Owners Bar

Situated above the saddling boxes in the Pre-Parade Ring, this bar is reserved exclusively for owners and licensed trainers. It will remain open until 7pm each day during Royal Ascot.

During Royal Ascot, there is an additional owners and trainers bar located close to the Owners and Trainers entrance, between the Parade Ring and Pre-Parade Ring.


Owners and trainers with runners have two dedicated viewing areas on Concourse Level, reserved exclusively for their use and accessible only with Owner/Trainer badges.

The main viewing area on Concourse Level is located to the west of the Iron Stand, beneath the Royal Box, and is easily accessible from the Parade Ring.

The second dedicated viewing area is located to the west of the Horsewalk, behind the stable lads stand, and is accessible via the Horsewalk.

Stabling & Gallops


175 stables are located in a secure yard, close to the accommodation and with ample room for parking.  Paper or shavings are available, though preferred bedding material cannot be guaranteed.

Stable Manager: +44 (0)1344 878 454.


Gallops are available between 7am and 8am each morning.  Please book in with the Stable Manager ahead of time.


Horsebox entry to the stables is next to Car Park 2.  Please follow signs on Ascot High Street to Car Park 2 and look for the "Stables" sign. 

Stable Employees Accommodation

Stable Employees - Hostel


125 single beds are available in 42 rooms, with shared bathrooms and separate male and female corridors. Bedrooms sleep up to three people.

The hostel has a large dining room, lounge area and bar. Accommodation must be booked in advance. Please call +44 (0)1344 878 454 for more information.


We respectfully request that the privacy of others is observed when taking photographs. No smartphone photography is permitted in the Parade Ring (Mounting Yard) during the Royal meeting.

Photographs can be obtained from our official photographer, Steven Cargill, who captures pictures of all winning horses and connections; both on the track and in the Winners' Enclosure after racing.

Steven can be contacted by emailing [email protected] or by calling 07809 171520. You can also follow him on Twitter - @Steven_Cargill


Badge Allocation

Badge Information

The Pass system will not be in operation, however Pass card holders are requested to bring their Pass cards for ease of identification. Owners, Trainers and Jockeys' badges are hand-written, named, non-transferable badges, which are prepared in advance to alleviate congestion on the day.

Badge Application

Owner/Trainer Badge Collection

The Owners and Trainers Desk will be in a dedicated facility located at the East end of Car Park 2, opposite the racecourse. All Owner/ Trainers badges will be available for collection at this point and will be exclusive for their use only.

Tea and coffee will be available in this facility with a meeting area for owners. 

Owner / Joint Owner / Partnership / Syndicates

An owner, joint owner, registered partnership or syndicate with a runner will be entitled to a total of six complimentary Owner/Trainer badges.  A form of identification may be requested. These named badges are non-transferable and valid only for the day on which the horse is declared to run.

Owners, joint owners, partnerships and syndicates with a runner will be entitled to purchase an additional four badges  These badges can be arranged by visiting www.ascot.co.uk/royalascotowners. These additional badges will be named, are non transferable, non-refundable and will admit to the Grandstand Admission area and all dedicated Owner and Trainer facilities on the day, on which the horse is declared to run.

The daily badge costs are as follows; £75 each on Tuesday & Wednesday, £85 each on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. A limited number of Queen Anne Enclosure tickets will also be available to purchase from the Owners’ & Trainers’ entrance.

Balloted Out Horses

The daily cost of badges will be £67 each on Tuesday and Wednesday, £80 each on Thursday and Saturday, and £78 on Friday.

Licensed Trainers WITH Runners

A licensed trainer with a runner may obtain two daily non-transferable Owner/Trainer badges. Trainers with runners on each of the five days of Royal Ascot will receive weekly badges. These badges allow entrance to the Grandstand Admission areas of the racecourse and all dedicated Owner and Trainer facilities including the Owners Dining Room.

Licensed Trainers WITHOUT Runners

A licensed trainer without a runner may obtain two daily non-transferable Owner/Trainer SWING badges that allow entrance to the Grandstand Admission areas of the racecourse and the two dedicated Owners and Trainers bars.

These badges are for the use of the licensed trainer and one other, and must be collected by the licensed trainer. A form of identification may be requested.

Please note: These badges do NOT allow admittance to the Owners Dining Room.


Jockeys who are riding at the meeting will be issued with a non- transferable Owner/Trainer badge upon presentation of their Pass card at the Owners and Trainers badge desk, for security reasons this procedure is necessary in order to gain access into the Racecourse and Weighing room.  They are also entitled to claim for two daily non-transferable Owner/Trainer badges for guests. These badges allow entrance to the Grandstand Admission areas of the Racecourse and all dedicated Owner and Trainer facilities. Admittance for other Jockeys and PJA badge holders will be considered upon prior application to the PJA. 

Connections of horses trained overseas

Ascot is delighted to attract overseas horses to the Royal Meeting. Whether you are sending runners from as close as Ireland, or as far as Australia; there is a team at the racecourse and a network of overseas agents ready to assist you.

If you would like further information, please contact Kirsty Sargeant, Owners’ & Trainers’ Manager, on +44 (0)1344 878529 for a copy of the Major International Races 2015 brochure.

ROA, NTF, PJA and RCA Badges

These badges are NOT applicable at the Royal Ascot Meeting.

Parade Ring Passes

Owner/Trainer badges will NOT admit access to the Parade Ring or the Pre-Parade Ring. As a general rule, owners will be issued ten daily Parade Ring passes per runner, however allocations to jointly or syndicate owned horses will be assessed according to the field size. Trainers will be issued with weekly or daily Parade Ring passes.

Royal Enclosure Members

Owners and Trainers with runners who are Royal Enclosure members may purchase their badges the day before their race. Applications cannot be made on the day of their race. Please contact the Royal Enclosure Office on +44 (0)1344 878 474.

Arriving by Helicopter

If you are arriving by helicopter we can arrange for your Owner/Trainer badges to be available for collection from the Paddock Office, which is located adjacent to the Royal Enclosure entrance in Car Park 1. In order to arrange your badges, please contact Kirsty Sargeant, Owners’ & Trainers’ Manager on +44 (0)1344 878 529


Trainers and Jockeys are entitled to one free car parking space in the Trainers' & Jockeys' area in Car Park 2. NTF & PJA car park badges allow access.

Owners with runners on the day are entitled to free parking in the Owners' Car Park situated in Car Park 2. Car park labels will be sent at the five-day stage, featuring the horse's name(s).

There will be one car park label (one space) for a single/joint-owned horse, and two car park labels (two spaces) for a partnership or syndicate.

If, as an owner, you are not going to be at your Weatherbys registered address at the five-day stage, please contact James Schofield at Weatherbys on +44 (0)1933 440 077 or email: [email protected] with details of where you would like your label(s) sent..

Car park labels featuring horses' names that are not declared will not be valid.

ROA and RCA Car Park labels are not applicable during the Royal Meeting.

Car parks open at 9.30am
Car parks close at 9:00pm

Disabled Parking

Forward parking for disabled badge holders can be arranged in Car Park 2, for owners and trainers with runners. This will need to be arranged in advance, on production of an official disabled parking Blue Badge.

Please email Kirsty Sargeant, Owners’ & Trainers’ Manager, at [email protected] to arrange access.

Royal Ascot

FAQs - Royal Ascot

I have a horse running at Royal Ascot and would like to know how many O & T badges and Parade Ring Passes I am entitled to?

Owners, joint owners, partnerships and syndicates are entitled to six complimentary named O & T badges. We can then allow you to purchase an additional four named badges if necessary at £67 each on Tuesday & Wednesday or £80 each on Thursday & Saturday and £78 on Friday. O & T badges do not permit access to the Parade Ring so six Parade Ring Passes are allocated to the Owner/s of each horse.  Unfortunately, there is not an opportunity to purchase additional Parade Ring Passes.

I am a licensed trainer with a runner/s over the week, what badges am I entitled to?

Licensed trainers with a runner at Royal Ascot are entitled to two non-transferable named O & T badges and two Parade Ring Passes for the days on which they have runners.

I am a licensed trainer without any runners over Royal Ascot, what am I entitled to?

Licensed UK trainers without runners at Royal Ascot are entitled to two daily non-transferable O & T SWING badges. These gain access to the O & T facilities but not the dining room or the Parade Ring.  Licensed Irish trainers without runners can apply for a badge in advance by contacting the IRTA.

I am a jockey riding at Royal Ascot, what am I entitled to?

Jockeys riding at the Royal meeting are entitled to a named non-transferable badge for themselves and two non-transferable named O & T badges for their guests on each day they are riding.

I am a licensed jockey but do not have a ride at the Royal meeting, am I entitled to a badge?

Licensed jockeys without a ride at the Royal meeting can obtain a daily O & T SWING badge for themselves, if they apply in advance to the PJA. All applications must be made in advance and the badge is for the licensed jockey only.



Are Assistant Trainer’s entitled to a complimentary badge?

If you are a NTF registered Assistant Trainer and your yard has a runner, then you shall be allocated a complimentary badge for working purposes, you are not entitled to a guest badge.  Assistant Trainers without runners are not entitled to a badge.

I am a Bloodstock Agent, am I entitled to a badge?

Registered Bloodstock Agents are entitled to a Parade Ring pass for the days they are attending for a working purpose. This does not entitle them to a badge for a guest, or a complimentary entry badge.  Parade Ring Passes must be applied for in advance.

I have a horse running, do I need to book parking?

We have received our parking label for Car Park 2, but we have guests coming in a separate car. Where can they park?

Additional parking is available in Car Park 8 at £25 in advance or £30 on the day.

My horse has been balloted out, am I still entitled to badges?

If a horse is balloted out the registered owner is entitled to two Grandstand Admission tickets and will be given the opportunity to purchase two more.

My horse is a non-runner, are we still entitled to badges?

If a horse is declared as a non-runner in advance of the meeting, then unfortunately no badges are issued. If a horse is declared as a non-runner on the day then you are still entitled to your O & T badges, but without the Parade Ring Passes.

Can I buy additional badges over the ten allocated (6 complimentary & 4 to pay)?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Owners the opportunity to purchase further badges. The Royal meeting is extremely busy and for safety and comfort we have to limit the number of badges in the Owners and Trainers areas.

Is there somewhere we can book for lunch?

Any person with a named O & T badge is entitled to a complimentary buffet lunch in the Dining Room above the Pre-Parade Ring.  Please look at https://www.ascot.co.uk/royal-ascot-fine-dining-2015 for alternative dining options at the Royal Meeting.

I have bought a Royal Enclosure badge but I have a horse running, do I still need an O & T badge?

A Royal Enclosure badge will not gain you entry to the O & T facilities or the Parade Ring. If you wish to gain access to both of these areas you shall need to allocate both an O & T badge and Parade Ring Pass from the horses’ allocation.

If you do not require access to the O & T facilities you will only need a Parade Ring Pass from the horse’s allocation for access to the Parade Ring.