During Spring, seasonal British grown flowers are so abundant, and generally really reasonable to buy, fragrant and lasting. In addition to supporting British growers, you will be adding much-needed colour and floral freshness to the home after weeks and months of dark and drear weather!

I find that they require little ‘arranging’ as they almost do the job for themselves! Buy as many bunches of a variety of assorted daffodils and narcissus from your local flower-shop, florist or farmers market and using sharp scissors or a knife, slice an inch from the base of the stems before plonking them into a water-filled vase or bowl. A straight-sided container or one with gently sloping sides will make the job much easier, and allow the flowers to literally fall into place, giving them a slight jostle to enable them to settle into place. As the buds open and develop, an occasional shuffle of them will move each flower into place and before you know it a bowl of cheerful, fragrant sunshine-bright blooms will give you days of pleasure! 

Often slightly later in the Spring season, bundles of bright anemones appear in our flower shops and at farmers markets. These cheery jewel-bright flowers are so striking, with their black centres that I love to use them arranged within individual bud vases along the middle of a dining table so their faces are clearly seen and enjoyed. If you don’t have many small vases suitable for individual stems, raid the cocktail cabinet for all your redundant liqueur and wine glasses which make the perfect receptacle for specimen flowers. Hellebores gathered from the garden tend to wilt when arranged upon the stem, so floating their flower-heads within mixed shaped wine glasses and goblets makes the most striking and simple of displays. Add a few candles amongst the bowls of blooms and your dining table will look a dream!”

If you have friends for Dinner and are short of time and table-space but want to add some seasonal cheer, cut an assortment of sprigs of rosemary, thyme, bay and other “hard” fragrant foliage and using a rubber band, secure the stems in an upright manner around a 7-10cm diameter pillar candle. Trim the cut ends level with the base of the candle so it will sit stably when placed upon a shallow saucer of water and conceal the rubber band with a length of ribbon or twine for a more rustic look. These look wonderful when placed along a table and can also be created with stems of upright spring flowers such as multi-headed narcissus, muscari, bluebells and scillas, adding spring shades amongst the green, for a fresh and fun effect. NB always ensure the tips of the flowers and foliage are at least 4-6cm away from the flame of the candle and never leave candles burning unattended.

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