Whilst the gardens of our dreams may resemble rolling meadows, the reality is that most of us must squeeze our horticultural ambition into slightly more snug spaces.

However, having limited garden space - or no garden at all - needn’t stop you from enjoying beautiful blooms both inside the home and out.

Window boxes are an ingenious way of bringing floral colour and character to your home without taking up an inch of garden space.

The elevated position of a window box allows you to opt for trailing blooms such as petunias, whose many hues add a brilliant burst of colour, or foliage plants like sweet potato vine. Trailing flowers are also a fantastic addition to hanging baskets, where colourful, textured and voluminous blooms can create an incredible floral statement.

Begonia and black eye susan add golden shades whereas lantana and lobelia bring pastel pink and lilac hues. To add fragrance to your hanging basket, sweet alyssum creates a beautiful honey scent that attracts bees and butterflies.

For those wanting to enjoy a spot of gardening without even venturing outdoors, a great selection of plants can be cultivated within the home. Aloe plants not only purify the air, but their leaves also contain a gel that soothes cuts and burns.

Another air-filtering houseplant is ivy, a low maintenance plant that works either hanging or at floor level and grows well in both a moderate temperature and with moderate sunlight. For an easy upkeep, the snake plant needs little light or water to survive and interestingly releases oxygen during the night, whereas most plants do so in the day. This makes it ideal for the bedroom, where it can improve the quality of the air through the dark hours.

Finally, a houseplant with real longevity is the philodendron. Easy to grow and maintain, a Philodendron can live for many years and has a lovely, romantic appearance with its heart shaped leaves.

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