59 Days
23 Hours
12 Minutes
Gates Open: 10:30am
Race Times
First Race: 2:30pm
Final Race: 5:35pm
Full Race Times: See here
Current Going & Weather
Current Going: Good, Good to Firm (in places)
Weather: 16.5
Declarations: See here
Tickets for all Enclosures can be purchased either on the gate on the morning of Royal Ascot, or online.

With the exception of the Windsor and Village Enclosures on Saturday 22nd June, there are tickets available for all Enclosures on all days.

Existing ticket holders may also upgrade their tickets on the day once they arrive at Royal Ascot.

Ticket upgrades, including for the brand new Garden Club in the Queen Anne Enclosure and Picnic Benches in the Windsor Enclosure are also available.