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Ascot Annual Badgeholders enjoy discounted entry into the King Edward VII Enclosure, with access to exclusive catering and viewing facilities. 

The half year Badgeholders Scheme is now available and runs from 1st August until 31st December and will be £190.50.


Membership Executive
+44 (0)1344 878 513
[email protected]




Access to the racecourse on all 21 Ascot Racedays outside Royal Ascot

Access to the King Edward VII Enclosure  on all Ascot Racedays outside Royal Ascot, excluding King George Saturday

Annual Badgeholders wishing to access the King Edward VII Enclosure (Level 4) on King George Saturday must be in possession of a King Edward VII badge. Only one per Badgeholder can be purchased in advance, subject to availability, at a discounted price

The opportunity to purchase metal annual guest badges with passcards

Exclusive access to the Trackside Room, a private bar and restaurant facility located in the West End of the Grandstand, offering a full bar, tea and coffee, hot dish of the day, sandwiches, baguettes and cakes, except during King George Saturday and Royal Ascot

Access to the Annual Badgeholders’ viewing area on Level 2 of the Grandstand at all meetings outside of Royal Ascot

A car parking space in Car Park 1 or Car Park 2 at all 21 Ascot Racedays

Four half-price advance Queen Anne Enclosure tickets for all days of Royal Ascot


More than 30 reciprocal racedays at other venues

Up to two half-price tickets for friends and family to any day outside Royal Ascot.  Tickets must be booked in advance and are subject to availability

Annual Badgeholders’ children and grandchildren aged 17 and under are welcome with them  in the Trackside Room on all applicable days

An Ascot Badgeholder metal badge and passcard. For existing Annual Badgeholders, as soon as the renewal form is received, the passcard is enabled to allow access into the racecourse on all the relevant 2017 racedays. For new Annual Badgeholders, a passport sized photograph will be required

Reduced rate for all On 5 bookings  throughout the year except during Royal Ascot, King George  Saturday and QIPCO British Champions Day, subject to availability

Reduced rate in the Queen Anne Enclosure restaurants during Royal Ascot, subject to availability  -  please email [email protected]

Reciprocal Racedays 2017


In addition to racing at Ascot, Ascot Annual Badgeholders can also enjoy racing at other racecourses around the country throughout 2017.

Annual Badgeholders are required to respect the appropriate dress code at each venue.

Saturday 14th - Warwick

Friday 3rd - Chepstow
Sunday 5th - Taunton

Thursday 2nd- Ludlow
Sunday 5th - Leopardstown
Monday 13th - Plumpton

Wednesday 15th - Huntingdon

Saturday 18th - Kempton Park

Tuesday 11th - Exeter
Saturday 15th Musselburgh

Saturday 22nd Hampshire Cricket Club


Monday 1st - Bath
Saturday 6th - Goodwood
Tuesday 16th - Wincanton
Wednesday 17th - York
Friday 19th - Newmarket
Friday 26th - Bath

Thursday 1st - Lingfield
Wednesday 7th - Uttoxeter
Saturday 10th - Stratford
Saturday 17th  - Sandown Park
Monday 19th - Windsor

Sunday 23rd - Newton Abbot
Thursday 27th - Hickstead

Saturday 5th - Hamilton Park
Monday 7th - Salisbury
Saturday 19th - Newmarket

Sunday 20th - The Curragh

Monday 28th - Chepstow

Monday 4th - Brighton

Wednesday 6th Hampshire Cricket Club
Thursday 14th - Epsom
Sunday 24th Plumpton

Thursday 12 - Worcester
Saturday 14th - Newmarket*
Sunday 15th - Chepstow
Friday 27th - Newbury


Saturday 2nd - Bangor-on-Dee
Saturday 9th - Chepstow

*Annual Badgeholders will be able to claim a half-price entry for QIPCO Future Champions Day at Newmarket. To claim your half-price entry ticket please call 01638 675500. One half-price entry per Full Annual Badgeholder. Subject to availability.





Only Ascot Annual Badgeholders and their Guest Metal Badgeholders are allowed access to the Annual Badgeholder viewing balcony on Level 2.

Annual Badgeholders and their guests may also wish to view the racing from the King Edward VII Enclosure balcony on Level 4 of the Grandstand.

Both the above privileges may be restricted on our busier days.

Bar and Restaurant Annual Badgeholders have exclusive access, on all relevant days, to the Trackside Room, complete with full private bar and restaurant offering tea and coffee, hot dish of the day, sandwiches, baguettes and cakes. On King George Saturday, the Old Paddock restaurant will be made available for Annual Badgeholders only.

Annual Badgeholders are permitted to bring one accompanied King Edward VII Enclosure guest into the Trackside Room on all racedays except Saturday 12th August, Saturday 21st October and Saturday 23rd December.

Admission to the Course The Annual Badgeholder passcard will act as the entrance ticket on the day of the meeting. Once inside the course, the metal badge will allow access to the Annual Badgeholders’ facilities and King Edward VII Enclosure areas.

Annual Badgeholders should wear their metal badge so that it is clearly visible at all times. In the event an Annual Badgeholder loses his or her badge, passcard or car park label, an administration fee of £25 will be charged for replacements.