Ascot Racedays

What is the difference between the enclosures? 
During Ascot Racedays we have two main enclosures: The Queen Anne Enclosure and the King Edward VII Enclosure. For guests with King Edward VII admission, this enclosure is located on the 4th floor of the Grandstand building. The Queen Anne Enclosure is on the ground floor of the Grandstand and surrounding lawns. 

For our premium racedays we have the Winning Post Enclosure which sits between the Queen Anne and King Edward Enclosures and offers direct views of the Winning Line. 

Is there live music at Ascot? 
At most of our racedays there is live music either held within the Bandstand or in a staged area throughout the grounds. 

What time do the gates open? 
As a general rule, during the Jump season - November to April - the gates open at 10:45am, while during the Flat season they open at 11am. Certain racedays are subject to change so please check your admission ticket or the website for further details.

Can I bring my children to the racecourse? 
For Ascot Racedays, children aged 17 and under may attend for free and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A maximum of 4 children per accompanying adult are allowed in to the racecourse. 

Can I bring my dog along to the race meeting? 
Only working dogs are allowed entry into the enclosures for both Ascot Racedays and Royal Ascot. 

Scattering of Ashes 
Scattering of ashes may be permitted on a request by request basis. In the first instance please email [email protected] 

Can I have a special announcement made for a celebration? 
Please send a maximum of 15 words to [email protected] for your special announcement to appear on the celebration page in the racecard on Ascot Racedays. Please note space in the racecard is allocated on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed - please therefore email as far in advance as possible to have a good chance of having your message printed.

Royal Ascot

What is the difference between the enclosures? 
For Royal Ascot our enclosures are different than on Ascot Racedays. The Windsor Enclosure is located to the east of the Grandstand, with racetrack viewing and a variety of eatery kiosks. The Village Enclosure is situated in the middle of the heath and has more of a eclectic, celebratory feel, providing racetrack viewing with the Grandstand as a backdrop. The Queen Anne Enclosure covers the concourse level of the Grandstand, with Parade Ring access and Trackside viewing. 

Can men attend ladies day? 
Thursday of Royal Ascot has been colloquially named ‘Ladies Day’ by our customers. We refer to this day as Gold Cup day and anyone is welcome to attend. 

Can I operate my food stall at Royal Ascot? 
We love to welcome new and different stands to our racedays. If you would like to enquire about this please email [email protected]

Can I have a special announcement made for a celebration? 
Celebratory messages will not be printed for Royal Ascot. 

Can I bring my children to the racecourse? 
If you would like your child to attend Royal Ascot these tickets can only be purchased on the day of and, because of this, we won’t run out. For the Queen Anne Enclosure & Village Enclosure children’s tickets cost £15 and for the Windsor Enclosure children’s tickets cost £10 each. This is for any child 10-17 years old; anyone younger may attend for free and anyone 18 or above must purchase an adults ticket. ID may be asked for as proof of age. Please note Royal Enclosure Junior badges must be purchased in advance.


Where are my tickets? 
All our tickets are dispatched approximately one month prior to the event, regardless of date of purchase. For Royal Ascot, we commence dispatching tickets at the end of March in order of date purchased. Please note due to the volume of tickets these may not arrive until the end of May or later. 

What if my tickets have not arrived? 
If your tickets have not arrived you will need to call the sales team to have them reprinted. If you paid for Standard Mail this will have an added cost of £5 per reprinted ticket; bookings made with any other dispatch method will be printed free of charge. As such, we always advise purchasing either Tracked or Special Delivery for added security. 

Can I purchase gift vouchers on your website? 
Yes you can. If you go to the booking portal here. In the top right hand corner there are 4 options. Click on ‘Gift Vouchers’. You can then enter the amount of vouchers in your chosen denominations and complete your purchase.


How do I pre-book car parking on your website? 
Car Parking for our Jumps Season (November – April) is free of charge in Car Park 6. 
Car Park 6 is free of charge for all Ascot Racedays. 
Car Parking for Ascot Racedays Flat season, generally April until beginning of November, can be purchased on our website by following this link

Then click on the date of the race meeting you wish to attend. 

Royal Ascot car parking can be purchased in advance on our website following the above process. 

How do I book Disabled Car Parking? 
Blue badge holders are given forward parking in the car parks, free of charge. These parking areas are subject to capacity on the day and provide closer proximity to the racecourse entrances. 
To avoid disappointment, forward parking arrangements will need to be booked in advance prior to visiting us for Royal Ascot week. 
You are not able to pre-book forward parking spaces less than five days before any raceday, including Royal Ascot. You just need to turn up on the day and show your blue badge on entry to the car park. 

Please email: [email protected] to request your space, and provide the following details: 
-Your full name 
-Your Blue Badge number 
-Your booking reference number 

How do I book Motorcycle Parking at Royal Ascot? 
We have a limited number of motorbike parking spaces available for Royal Ascot. This is available in either Car Park 5 or Car Park 6. Motorbike parking is free of charge, however, please be aware you must have your suitable attire on underneath your motorbike leathers to be allowed entry into the racecourse.

What To Wear & Dress Codes

What is the Dress Code? 
Please follow this link to be shown to our Dress Code policies for each enclosure.

Is Traditional Dress permitted? 
National dress or religious dress is permitted in all enclosures. If someone is in National Dress then our existing Dress Code rules do not apply. 

Is Scottish Dress permitted? 
Guests wishing to dress in Scottish national dress must follow the Royal Enclosure Scottish Dress Code policy: 
-A Bonnet – Glengarry or Balmoral (which is basically a beret type hat with either of pom pom or diced checked band) must be worn at all times. 
-Kilt & Kilt Jacket – This should be either Black or Grey or Tweed – all types are acceptable – the grey or tweed being day time wear but the black evening jacket is acceptable. 
-Tie or Cravat – no evening bow ties to be worn with black jacket. 
-Kilt Socks 
-A Skian Dubh (the knife tucked into the sock) can only be worn if it is a “display” knife with rubber blade. 

Please note that it is not permitted to mix part Scottish Dress Code with part Royal Enclosure Dress Code, however tartan trews with morning coat and top hat is acceptable.

Raceday Facilities

Is there seating? 
Seating in all of our enclosures is on a first-come first-served basis. If you would like a definite reserved seat we advise booking into one of our hospitality facilities. 

Is there anywhere to leave luggage? 
Cloakrooms are located in Ticket Office West. The cloakrooms are open from when the gates open until around one hour after the last race. Please be advised that Ascot is not responsible for any items left in the cloakrooms and all items are left at the owners’ risk. Items left in the cloakrooms after the above times will be taken to Main Reception, or to site security in the Box Holders Entrance if reception is closed. 
The layby on the High Street opposite Ticket Office East is available as a cloakroom during our Premium racedays; QIPCO King George Diamond Weekend, Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup and QIPCO British Champions Day. 

Is there a cash machine on site? 
There are nine permanent cashpoints situated on the concourse level of the Grandstand. In addition, for larger racedays temporary cashpoint machines may be installed. 

Can I charge my phone at Ascot? 
The only areas with charging facilities provided by Ascot Racecourse are in the fine dining restaurants and clubs. Guests may also purchase portable phone chargers from our Ascot shops. 

What facilities are available for nursing parents? 
During Ascot Racedays we have a Mother and Baby unit where mothers are able to nurse their children. During Royal Ascot there is no Mother and Baby designated facility. A mother who wishes to feed her baby or use a breast pump will be able to use the First Aid points and be given an area with privacy.

The Ascot Shop & Tours

Can I buy something from the shop not on a raceday? 
No, the Ascot Shop is only open on racedays. We will occasionally open the shop outside of racing for local residents, where we will send out a flyer. 

Can I come for a tour on a raceday? 
Tours start at 11am during the Jump Season or 11:30am during the Flat Season. The tours leave from Sovereign's Gate. This is on a first-come first-served basis. 

Can I come on a tour on a non-raceday? 
Tours are only available on racedays.


The Bet with Ascot facilities were closed when I went to collect my winnings. How do I claim them? 
If you have been unable to claim your winnings on the day you may bring your winning betting slip back to Ascot Racecourse within 13 months. Alternatively send this ticket together with your name and address on a stamped address envelope to: 
Late Pay, AscotBet 
Ascot Racecourse 
High Street 
SL5 7JX 
Postal payments will usually be made by cheque, but you can opt to have your winnings paid directly to your bank account if full details are supplied. All bets are subject to AscotBet rules. 

How do I claim my bookmaker winnings after a raceday? 
If the bookmaker you had placed your bet with left before you were able to claim your winnings, please click on this link which will take you to the AGT website and follow the procedure for Unclaimed Betting Tickets claim:


What Accessibility options are available into and around the Racecourse? 
Each entrance to the racecourse has a pass gate, in addition to a set of turnstiles. This allows easier access for wheelchair users (electric and manual), pushchairs and those accompanied by working dogs. Once inside the racecourse, ramps and lifts are available to access different levels. 

How do I obtain a complimentary carers ticket? 
If a guest requires full-time care or assistance, a complimentary ticket will be available for their helper. This can be collected on the day of your visit from our ticket offices when documentation is presented. 
Accepted forms of ID documentation: 
-Proof of DLA (Disabled Living Allowance) or PIP (Personal Independent Payment) 
-A Blue Badge or Freedom Pass 
-Signed letter from a Doctor or GP (Photo ID required) 
Please note that a guest and their helper will both need to be present upon collection of complimentary carers tickets. 

How do I hire a wheelchair? 
A number of manual wheelchairs are available for hire on the day from Ticket Office East (subject to availability). Wheelchair hire is free of charge, with a fully refundable deposit of £30 cash on the day. To avoid disappointment, it is advised to book in advance by emailing [email protected] Please note that mobility scooters are permitted into the racecourse.

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