Below are the facilities that Ascot Racecourse helps for local residents to enjoy:

The Royal Ascot Golf Club was founded in 1887 and was originally on the Heath until redevelopment of the racecourse necessitated a move to the old Ascot Farm location off the Winkfield Road. Ascot Racecourse built the course for members to enjoy.

Royal Ascot Cricket Club was formed on the Heath in 1883 and Ascot have continued to allow the club, which caters for colts and seniors, to occupy the same location for the benefit of the local community.  

Ascot United Football Club gained permission from Ascot in 1968 to establish a club on racecourse land for the benefit of young people. The racecourse continues to support the club, and in 1990 backed the building of a new clubhouse. The club is now one of the largest in the country with over 750 registered players.

Riding for the Disabled Carriage Driving Group
The racecourse have provided The Windsor & Ascot Driving Group with a base at Lower Farm since 1974 enabling disabled people to learn how to drive ponies and to enjoy an outdoor activity with animals and other people.  They run sessions on Monday afternoons, from March to November and also have individuals who volunteer to help with the caring of the ponies on a daily basis.

Ascot Locomotive Society is located on Winkfield Road within the Royal Ascot Golf Club grounds.  It is a friendly volunteer run group of amateur railway enthusiasts. They run for the public on the 1st Sunday of the month from April to October (weather permitting) from 14.00 - 17.00. 

Pony Club
Pony Club racedays have been held at Ascot since 2008.  The days are well attended and typically host 75-90 entries. The days are aimed at novice racing children and very often the ponies have not raced before.

The Society for the Protection of Ascot and Environs (SPAE – a part charitable organisation) have operated as a watchdog for the protection of Ascot and the local area for the last 40 years.