21st March 2015

The artist behind Like Nowhere Else

Artist Lauren DiCioccio was commissioned to produce a bespoke hand crafted embroidery for Royal Ascot 2015, depicting carefully selected elements of the Royal Meeting. 

The San Francisco-based artist has spoken to the Official Royal Ascot Magazine, due for publication in May, about how creating the stunning artwork has changed her life.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video of the embroidery being created.

"My commission to create a tapestry for Royal Ascot came about completely unexpectedly in the autumn of last year," she recalls. "I received an email from an art consultant looking for an artist in the medium of embroidery who might be available for a set period of time to work on a specific project. Back on that day I had no idea how my life was about to change.

"When I found out more about it, and more about Royal Ascot, I felt exceptionally honoured. When I delved deeper into the tradition and the history of the event I was blown away by it; even if you don’t know about Royal Ascot and the racing, you definitely know – even unwittingly – about its traditions.

"I knew that people dressed up smartly and wore hats to race meetings in the USA but only now do I know where that all comes from. 

"I had never created anything as large as this in the past. I am used to working on tapestries that are about 12 inches by 12 inches and this one is 48 inches by 27 inches. 

"The project took me about five weeks in total. That is normally a short timeline for me to do something like this, especially as I needed to reinvent some of my techniques because it was so large. There were plenty of 12-hour days but it was such a thrill." 

You can read more from Lauren in the Official Royal Ascot Magazine when it is published in May.

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