Chartered Helicopter

For the ultimate in style and luxury - a chartered Helicopter provides exclusive use for up to 6 guests, with complete flexibility on pick up and drop off times and locations.

Starting from approximately £4000, prices will vary depending on the specific individual requirements of the charterer; as an example, a return journey from London Heliport, Battersea for up to 6 guests would cost approx. £8200 inc. VAT. A return from a private site in Oxford could cost £3920 inc. VAT.

*Helicopter landing areas are subject to required specifications. Bespoke private charters can also be catered for at any time they should be required. 

Shuttle Helicopter

A convenient and cost-effective solution to complete your Royal Ascot experience.

Shuttle services are operated throughout the day from Fair Oaks, Surrey and White Waltham to the Royal Ascot heliport. 

£225 one way per person inc. VAT
£450 return per person inc. VAT