Viewing Areas

There are dedicated disabled viewing areas in each of the enclosures.  As these areas are non-reservable, we kindly request that only one person or carer accompanies a racegoer using these viewing areas.

King Edward VII Enclosure
There are viewing areas on the balcony on Level 4.
There is a raised ramp on the King Edward VII Enclosure Lawn. There are also designated viewing areas on the Concourse Level, at aisles 2/3 and 20/21, looking out on to the track above the steppings.
Queen Anne Enclosure

There is a raised viewing ramp on the Queen Anne Enclosure lawn. There is a designated viewing area on Concourse Level, at aisles 38/39 looking out on to the track above the steppings.
Parade Ring

There is accessible viewing for wheelchair users to the East side of the Parade Ring, accessible from the Bandstand Lawn, and viewing platforms at Concourse Level to the Northside of the Parade Ring.
Boxes and Suites

For those guests using boxes or private suites, there are viewing areas suitable for wheelchairs on the balconies of all boxes and private suites.