Each entrance to the racecourse has a pass gate, in addition to a set of turnstiles. This allows easier access for wheelchair users (electric and manual), pushchairs and those accompanied by working dogs. Once inside the racecourse, ramps/lifts are available to access different levels.
If a guest requires full-time care or assistance a complimentary raceday ticket is available for a helper/carer.  This can be purchased in advance by calling our Sales Team on 0344 346 3000. In addition to the booking we do ask that you email [email protected] with a scan or photocopy of valid ID Documentation.

Accepted forms of ID documentation:

• Proof of DLA (Disabled Living Allowance) or PIP (Personal Independent Payment)
• A Blue Badge or Freedom Pass
• Signed letter from a Doctor of GP (Photo ID required)

Once ID Documentation has been received your customer account will be updated accordingly for future bookings.
Alternatively you can collect a complimentary companion ticket on arrival on the day upon presentation of a valid ID.