Do you have radar key activated disabled toilets & how do I access them?

Yes - we have 35 disabled toilets across our site and two are radar activated - these are located along the Grandstand Concourse Level.  These two toilets have a sign highlighting a telephone number for guests to call if they need access to the toilet and do not have their own key.   All toilets and queues along the concourse are monitored by mobile teams and supervisors should you need assistance.
There are disabled toilets in every enclosure

Do you need to show disabled pass/badge to access the disabled toilets?

Invisible disabilities are sometimes hard to determine discreetly, so we would recommend you collect one of our green/sunflower disability lanyards, ticket offices and racecard kiosks, so that our staff can clearly see that you need priority access.

Do you have an adult changing places toilet or changing places portable unit?

Unfortunately not at the present time, however, we may be able to assist you in the Medical Centre located at the lawn level of the grandstand at Core C.

Do you offer forward parking in your car parks?

Yes, Blue Badge holders are given forward parking in all  our car parks free of charge. These parking areas are subject to capacity and operate on a ""first come, first served"" basis on the day and provide closer proximity to the racecourse entrances.  

To avoid disappointment, forward parking arrangements will need to be booked in advance prior to visiting us for Royal Ascot week. Please email: [email protected] to request your space, and provide the following details:

• Your full name
• Your Blue Badge number
• Your booking reference number

Where is the quietest area of the racecourse?

Our quieter areas around site are towards the south side of the Parade Ring, the Grundy & Bastino lawn area and the west end of Core A well as some trackside lawns. 

Do you have a dedicated "quiet/green room" & Prayer Room?

On the following racedays, we try to provide a quiet space/room which guests wearing a sunflower lanyard can access. The room provides a quiet space as well as a safe space for prayer, this is for viewing purposes only. For more information, please feel free to email our access officer ([email protected]).  Please note that the precise location will not be known until the day prior to the raceday. You may ask one of our Accessibility Guides for precise locations on the raceday.

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Saturday 16th February
Sunday 31st March
Wednesday 1st May
Friday 10th May
Friday 12th July
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Friday 6th September
Saturday 7th September
Friday 4th October
Saturday 5th October
Friday 22 November
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Friday 20th December

Are there dedicated accessible viewing areas in every enclosure?

Yes - please refer to our Accessibility Guide for information on where these are situated.  All boxes and private suites have balconies to accommodate wheelchairs.

Please note that only one person or carer can accompany a racegoer using these viewing areas.

What happens if I have a disability that stops me adhering to your dress code?

We appreciate that certain medical conditions may prevent guests from adhering to our dress code. We would like all guests to feel as comfortable as possible during their visit, so please contact our access officer ([email protected]) detailing your concerns and we will try to accommodate wherever possible.

Are there lifts to all floors?

Yes - we have lifts providing access to all areas of the grandstand.  Please note that these can get busy, so please factor enough time into your route so that you don't miss any action.

Do your restaurants have tables and chairs?

All our retail restaurants offer tables and chairs, however these are available on a first come, first serve basis for diners only and cannot be reserved.  

Where can I pick up a lanyard and accessibility guide when I arrive a the racecourse?

These will be available from all Racecourse ticket offices and racecard kiosks.

Do you have larger print racecards available for those who are visually impaired?

Yes. These can be purchased from our racecard kiosks.

If I require full-time care or assistance, can my carer accompany me for free?

A complimentary raceday ticket is available for a helper/carer.  This can be purchased in advance by calling our Sales Team on 0344 346 3000. In addition to the booking we do ask that you email [email protected] with a scan or photocopy of valid ID Documentation. 

Accepted forms of ID documentation:

 • Proof of DLA (Disabled Living Allowance) or PIP (Personal Independent Payment)

 • A Blue Badge or Freedom Pass

 • Signed letter from a Doctor of GP (Photo ID required)

Once ID Documentation has been received your customer account will be updated accordingly for future bookings.

Alternatively you can collect a complimentary companion ticket on arrival on the day upon presentation of a valid ID.

Do you offer forward parking in your car parks?

Yes, this can be requested at the time of booking.  Please note that many car parks are situated on grass and are some distance from the grounds.

Where are the best places to try and find a seat?

As the demand for seating will be at its highest around the finishing line, we would suggest trying to locate a seat towards the far east or west of this busy area.  The bandstand restaurant often has room if you are hungry.  

Can I hire an electric disabled buggy/scooter for the day?

Unfortunately no, however disabled wheelchairs are available to hire from Ticket Office East. You are also welcome to bring your own electric scooter providing you drive it carefully as there are large crowds.

Can I have oxygen delivered?

Please email [email protected] with your specific requirements.

Can you store my drugs in a cold place?

Yes. Please email [email protected] with your specific requirements.

Can I bring oxygen on site?

Yes.  Please email [email protected] with your specific requirements.

What do you offer for people with hearing difficulties?

Whilst we do not currently have the capability to enable signals to be picked up directly via hearing aids, we do have a limited number of hearing loop units available for hire for a refundable deposit of £50.  
Each unit comes with a set of headphones and the signal is broadcast in the Grandstand, with limited coverage in the surrounding lawns.

Do you have anyone who can help me find my way around as I have restricted vision?

Please contact our Access Officer ([email protected]) in advance of your visit with your requirements and we will do our best to assist.  Should you have difficulties on the day, please speak with one of our Accessibility Guides (those wearing a Sunflower pin badge) for assistance.

Do you offer any services for those with learning difficulties?

Please contact our Access Officer ([email protected]) in advance of your visit with your requirements and we will endeavour to assist.  Should you have difficulties on the day, please speak with one of our one of our Accessibility Guides (those wearing a Sunflower pin badge) for assistance.

Can I bring my assistance dog on site?

Service animals (Registered Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Medical Alert Animals) are welcome at Ascot Racecourse.