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Parking prices for Royal Ascot

Car Park 8 Cars (On the day price: £25) £ 20.00

Car Park 6 Coaches (On the day price: £110) £ 99.00

Car Park 8 Limos (On the day price: £120.00) £ 90.00

Car Park 8 Minibuses (On the day price: £80) £ 70.00

Coach Park 10H Coaches (On the day price: £120) £ 110.00

Coach Park 10 Coaches (On the day price: £80) £ 75.00

Customers are advised to purchase car parking prior to the raceday as prices will increase.

Car parks open at 9:00am
Car parks close at 9:00pm

All car, limousine, minibus and coach parking labels should be pre-booked with your tickets. Customers are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.  There will be on the day minibus, limo and car parking available on the Heath subject to availability.

Booked a Package?

Car park labels are included with all restaurant packages. Additional labels should be purchased in advance by calling +44 (0)844 346 0346.

Disabled Parking

Dedicated parking facilities are available for disabled customers displaying a Blue Badge, which must be booked prior to the race meeting. For details and to make a booking please email or call

+44 (0)844 346 3000

Coach Drivers

Coach drivers can obtain a free Silver Ring ticket on production of their PCV or PSV licence and their work docket to the Silver Ring Sales Office.


Ascot Racecourse Facilities
  • Viewing the Horses

    Where to Watch

    Tips on where the horses will be on course throughout the day and the best places to see them.

  • Runners & Riders

    Reading the Racecard

    Racecards provide a list of riders for each race. Five day entries are available online five days before each event, and final declarations 24 hours in advance.

  • Placing A Bet

    How to Bet

    Learn how to enjoy a 'flutter' during your day at Ascot, from understanding the terminology to knowing where to place a bet.



1. What should we wear?

A day at Ascot Racecourse is very special. Most racegoers dress up for the occasion and this is an important part of the Ascot raceday experience. Style Guides are available for the Royal Enclosure and the Grandstand Admission enclosure, bringing to life some examples of the kind of outfits worn at Royal Ascot. Browse the Style Guide. For other Ascot racedays, view our Dress Code advice section for more information.

2. What time should we arrive during Royal Ascot?

9:00am - Gates to car and coach parks open
10:30am - Gates open
2:00pm - Royal Procession
2:30pm - First race
5:35pm - Last race
6:00pm-6:30pm - Bandstand singing (Grandstand Admission enclosure only)
7:00pm - Silver Ring band finishes
9:00pm - Car and coach parks close

Throughout Royal Ascot, a traffic management plan will be in place. You are advised to follow the AA route signage to your selected car park on the day, rather than use your Satellite Navigation. For the fastest route to your car park please follow the coloured routes as shown on your car park label.

Gates open at 10.30am so please arrive as early as possible, and before midday to get the best view for Her Majesty The Queen's arrival. Please note these routes may differ from previous years in order to reduce traffic congestion.

Course crossings from the Coach Park and Heath will close at 1:40pm every day, with a limited service thereafter.

3. What time should we arrive on other Ascot racedays?

9:00am: Car parks open
10:45am: Gates open during Jumps season
11:00am: Gates open during Flat season
9:00pm: Car parks close

Visitors travelling by car should be aware that the roads around the racecourse can become congested on the busier racedays, and a one-way system may be in operation. On those days, drivers are strongly advised to follow the designated routes using AA signage.

4. Can we bring a picnic during Royal Ascot?

You are welcome to picnic in your car or coach park. These areas have a very sociable atmosphere, making this a great way to start your day. Due to the high demand for parking, picnics are confined to your allocated parking space. You can bring unbranded awnings, gazebos, tables and chairs, but your area is limited to your parking space. Please note hot food and barbecues are not permitted.

Racegoers in the Silver Ring and the Heath are allowed to bring a picnic into the enclosure, as long as it is carried in a picnic hamper or cool bag/box. Alcohol is limited to one bottle of wine or champagne per person, or four cans or bottles of beer, cider or pre-mixed aperitif. All bottles must have their seals intact, otherwise they may be confiscated. Spirits, fortified wines and Pimm's or similar are not allowed.

No drinks, food or snacks are permitted into Grandstand Admission.

Picnic in a Box

A range of immaculately-packaged 'Picnics in a Box' are available for those who prefer to dine outdoors, in the beautiful surroundings of the racecourse. For more information, or to purchase a Picnic in a Box, please call the Royal Ascot picnic booking line on +44 (0)844 346 3622. All picnics are inclusive of VAT and must be booked prior to the Royal Meeting.

5. Can we bring a picnic on other Ascot racedays?

Customers are welcome to bring a picnic as long as it is brought to the Racecourse in a picnic hamper or cool bag/box. The picnic areas are situated on the Plaza Lawns and undercover at the eastern end of the Concourse at Core 4, where picnic benches are provided. For the summer months, picnics are only permitted trackside in the designated picnic area to the East of the Grandstand and in the Old Paddock.

Any customers who picnic in other areas of the grounds or in the Grandstand will be asked to move and, in extreme circumstances, may be asked to leave the site altogether.

If you are attending with a large group and your picnic and alcohol is divided among your hampers, please ensure you all arrive together or split the alcohol evenly across the party. Otherwise individuals arriving with more alcohol than food will have to dispose of the excess alcohol.

Picnics are not permitted in the Premier Admission or internal areas.

Informal picnics are permitted in the car parks. However, formal entertaining will be stopped. Kitchen knives will not be permitted and will be confiscated upon entry.

We do not allow barbecues or hot food to be brought onto racecourse property. This includes all enclosures, coach and car parks.

6. During Royal Ascot, how long should we allow to get to our admission area before the Royal Procession?

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your admission area, as walking times vary depending on your car or coach park. The Royal Procession begins at 2:00pm each day.

Please allow enough time for possible queues at the bag searching stations.

7. Where can I park?

We advise that you pre-book your car parking ticket in advance as there will be limited availability on each day, especially during Royal Ascot. For prices please visit the raceday event page that you wish to attend. Please call the Sales Team on +44 (0)844 346 3000 for further information.

Please ensure that your parking label is clearly displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle prior to your arrival at the racecourse.

Note that vehicles are not permitted to park on or along any of the public highways in the vicinity of the racecourse, and enforcement officers will be on patrol.

8. What are the food and drink options in my admission area?

There are many food and drink outlets to choose from in all enclosures. Please visit our Food and Drink section for more information.

9. Are there cash machines at the racecourse?

There are many ATM cash machines located in Grandstand Admission, and the Silver Ring during Royal Ascot. Be aware queues can be long, so it is always advisable to bring some cash with you on the day. A number of tote kiosks offer a cash-back service.

Please note some cash machines have a £2.95 service charge.

Racegoers are welcome to use our cash machines with no service charge. These are located at Cores 2 and 3 of the Grandstand Concourse.

10. Are there plenty of toilets during Royal Ascot?

Throughout the meeting we have additional temporary toilets located in all admission areas, car and coach parks.

11. Where can I stay locally?

We have a number of preferred hotels to choose from which offer exclusive discounts to Ascot Racecourse customers. View the online brochure for more information.

12. May I transfer between enclosures?

During Royal Ascot you may be able to upgrade from the Heath to the Silver Ring, and from the Silver Ring to Grandstand Admission, subject to availability and meeting the dress code requirements. Please note that upgrades to the Royal Enclosure are not permitted.

On other Ascot racedays, subject to availability on the day, you may be able to upgrade from Grandstand Admission to Premier Admission, provided the dress code requirements are met.

13. May I visit the Parade Ring?

During Royal Ascot, Royal Enclosure and Grandstand Admission ticket holders can visit the Parade Ring. There is no access to the Parade Ring from the Silver Ring or Heath Enclosure.

On other Ascot racedays, both Premier and Grandstand Admission racegoers can visit the Parade Ring.

Please note that drinks are not permitted around the Parade Ring.

14. What additional entertainment is there during the day and after racing?

On some racedays there will be entertainment after racing, such as music and fireworks. Please visit the event page for your chosen raceday to see what will be on.

During Royal Ascot, there is entertainment in both the Grandstand and Silver Ring enclosures.

  • Grandstand Admission: Traditional singing around the Bandstand begins at 6pm and lasts for half an hour.
  • Silver Ring: There is a live band playing throughout the day until 7pm.

15. Is there a Cloakroom?

During Royal Ascot, cloakrooms are available in the Royal Enclosure and the Grandstand Admission enclosure, but space is limited. Visitors should therefore keep personal effects to a minimum, and alternative storage arrangements should be made wherever possible. Any bags left will be thoroughly searched. The Silver Ring and Heath Enclosures have no cloakroom facilities.

On other Ascot racedays, there is a cloakroom located in Ticket Office West, which is open to everyone. During our busier meetings - the Betfair Weekend King George Day, Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup and QIPCO British Champions Day - an additional cloakroom is located in Stewards House near Ascot Reception. Please note that space is limited in the cloakrooms and visitors should therefore keep personal effects to a minimum, and alternative storage arrangements should be made wherever possible. The cloakroom will remain open for an hour after the last race.

16. Should I buy a Racecard?

A Racecard is an essential tool to guide you through your day. It provides details on the races, horses and jockeys, as well as what is happening on the raceday. A Racecard costs £4.50 at Royal Ascot and £3.50 at all other meetings and is available on the day from blue Racecard kiosks in all enclosures. If you would like to pre-order your Racecard, please call +44 (0)844 346 3000 or purchase one online.

17. How much do we need for betting?

The minimum bet at the tote is £2 and there are six races each day during Royal Ascot, and up to eight races on each other Ascot raceday. There are many tote kiosks in all admission areas, and the tote staff are always happy to help, should you have any questions.

You can also place a bet with bookmakers in all enclosures. The minimum bet varies between £2 and £5.

18. Is seating available?

Yes. Although limited, seating is available in all enclosures, from benches to tables and chairs, to tiered seating.

19. Can I bring furniture?

We have a blanket only policy throughout the year, and no other furniture is permitted on the racecourse. During Royal Ascot we allow blankets and fold away chairs into the Silver Ring and Heath Enclosures only.

If you are coming to an enclosure other than the Silver Ring or The Heath and need to bring a fold away chair due to a specific medical requirement, please contact our Access Officer on +44 (0)844 346 3610, or email

20. May I take photographs?

Yes, but please note that photography is not permitted in the Parade Ring, or in the Royal Enclosure during Royal Ascot. You are welcome to take photographs in all public areas for personal and non-commercial use only, but please no flash photography near the horses.

21. May we have a party in the car or coach parks after racing?

To minimise disturbance to local residents, discos, barbeques, parties and the playing of loud music in the car and coach parks are not permitted at any time.

22. May I leave my car overnight?

Cars are not permitted to be left in car parks overnight. Any cars left after 9:00pm are likely to be removed.

23. Where can I find more information?

In advance of your visit, please check this website for the latest news and regular updates on Royal Ascot. You can also follow Ascot Racecourse on Facebook: and Twitter: Once inside the racecourse, you can get further information from any of the blue kiosks located around the Grandstand or ask one of the Stewards.

24. How can I add my details to the mailing list?

Should you wish to receive information from Ascot Racecourse, please email your name, telephone number, postal or e-mail address to or call the Sales Team on +44 (0)844 346 3000.

25. Where can I find information on Helicopter and Aviation services?

There is a helicopter landing facility close to the racecourse. It is not suitable for fixed wing private aircrafts. Please call Helicopter and Aviation Services on +44 (0)1427 718800 or fax +44 (0)1427 718811. The two nearest airfields are Fairoaks, Chobham +44 (0)1276 857 300) and White Waltham, Maidenhead +44 (0)1628 823 272), which are both approximately nine miles away.

26. Is there access to Wi-Fi?

Yes, a Wi-Fi code can be purchased from the Queen Anne Reception for £10, which will last for the raceday.

27. Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes. Mobiles are allowed in all enclosures, although please note that usage for betting purposes is not permitted.

28. Any further questions?

If your question has not been answered above, please call the Sales Team on +44 (0)844 346 3000 or email